wishing someone happy birthday


wishing someone happy birthday To my wife, you know that you are God's choice for me. God knows I need you. Neither of us are perfect, nor are we perfect companions all the time, but there's nothing I cannot share with you, and there's nothing I would withhold from you. We each have our gifts that God has bestowed on us. I'm so thankful that yours are complementary to mine as mine are to yours. You sate my senses and my soul delights in you alone.

To my son, I cannot take for granted even one day of this life. If I were to pass into the realm of God right now you wouldn't have a memory of me other than what we have managed to record. Like your sisters, I only hope you come to be a person of God someday. I love your intensity and enthusiasm. I thank God for your little body and growing heart and mind. Every minute I spend with you is amongst the most precious moments of my whole life!

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