wish a happy birthday


wish a happy birthday Most people hold memories much dearer than material possessions. By giving a birthday experience, you give a gift that will never be forgotten, broken or lost. Experiences can be shared by you and the recipient, shared by the recipient and a significant other or friend, or given to the birthday celebrant alone. For women (and some men!), you can plan a spa day together or purchase a spa package for her. Another option is to buy tickets to a show, concert or athletic event. Sign them up for a seminar or short class. A mini vacation would be another welcome birthday wish granted!

Obesity is epidemic in this country, but you don't have to offer a calorie-laden cake for every birthday. Take your friend or relative out for a meal at the gourmet restaurant of their choosing that they would never go to otherwise.wish a happy birthday Schedule a "cook's day off" for them and deliver pre-made meals to their door that morning. Alternatively, just make them a special batch of whatever dish they love

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