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happy birthday wishing you Although traditional birthday cards come with some humorous imagery, you cannot compare them to the animated characters that

are put on birthday ecards. Depending on the recipient's age, you can select from simple animations, to interesting dancing

characters. The animations are set to play on a loop, so the card can go on delivering joy, for as long as the celebrant

wants. Age should not stop you from sending a dancing animated character to your grandfather; you may have him dancing like

he used to do in his younger years.

The sound of laughter during a birthday celebration is music to the ears. You want to know that the message that you send

will not only have a sentimental value, but also plenty of humor. You can get funny birthday ecards that will elicit anything

from a faint chuckle, to an all-out guffaw, from the celebrant. The character may be a TV cartoon that your young children

will love, or a wildly naughty character, that you can send to adult celebrants. Whichever card you choose, you can be sure

that the gesture will be appreciated.

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