happy birthday wishing


happy birthday wishing More items can be personalized as well to make your birthday gift as creative as possible. Photo pillows are great since your loved one gets to remember you and your idea anytime and anywhere. Pens, mouse pads and other regular items can simply be engraved with the celebrant's name plus a small thoughtful birthday wish from you in very small text. Think of items that reminds you of him or her or stuff that you both share something sentimental with.

remember walking into my kitchen and seeing it lying on the counter. It was beautiful. It was wrapped in paper painted with my daughter's tiny hand prints, and tied with red yarn and a yellow rose from my own garden. Inside was a picture of my two-year-old and me, in a wooden frame that she had painted herself. My eyes began to tear with the realization of the time, attention and love that went into this creative birthday gift.

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