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happy birthday wishes facebook Before you gather friends and family to sing "happy birthday," while your little one blows out the candles on his cake, you've got a lot of birthday party planning to do. You're tasked with the mission of fulfilling your child's birthday wish list; from coming up with an ideal theme and creating a guests list to choosing the right decorations and the most delicious cake. But as you plan, don't miss this very important detail: gifts for the birthday boy or girl. There's no denying it -- kids love opening presents and playing with new toys! So, in the midst of all your planning, take some time to find out which gifts are on your child's birthday wish list. But you don't need a pen and piece of blank paper to do it, an online wish list can help you get your child's birthday wish list organized and complete in a matter of minutes.

Technology is changing everything, including the way parents create birthday wish lists for their children. Parents used to grab a piece of paper and make a list, then give the list to family and friends who called to ask for it. Times have changed; now parents create online birthday wish lists for their kids with easy-to-use tools such as Wish List 4 Kids.

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