happy birthday wishes to coworker


happy birthday wishes to coworker So, what happens when you have a child with Borderline Personality Disorder? The plan is still the same but so often, those

carefully crafted moments are overshadowed by darkness. Or, as in some cases, completely forsaken. One day, that child may

look back and wish there had been a wonderful memory rooted there but it is the parent who seems to suffer the most because

most BPD kids are lost in their immediate moment or crisis.

Let me explain. I have a daughter who suffers from BPD. On her 16th birthday, I had such plans. Notice I said 'I." She had no

such plans, she was lost in the latest drama that had taken over her life and blocked out all else. I felt let down that I

could not make her 16th birthday a memory she would hold close the rest of her life. She had no such illusion because she was

caught up in the delusions that had become her everyday.

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