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happy birthday wished Even at an early age, kids have varied hobbies and interests. One eight year-old may have a deep interest in science, while another may enjoy playing soccer. The friends and family you invite to your child's birthday celebration may know very little about your child's interests, favorite movies and television shows or favorite colors. Creating an online birthday wish list can help them pick birthday gifts your child will truly enjoy unwrapping and playing with on his special day and in the days that follow.

You invited your child's classmates, his grandparents, aunts and uncles and the neighbors from down the street to your child's birthday party. At least one to two weeks before the party, expect to be inundated with emails, phone and calls and even social media messages from them about what to get your child for his birthday. Creating an online birthday wish list for your kid can reduce the number of questions you receive because you can send party guests one concise list of potential gifts to purchase. What's even better? Guests can see which items have already been purchased and choose their gift selections accordingly. Once you've completed your child's online birthday wish list, there are multiple ways to share it, if you use an online wish list tool such as Wish List 4 Kids. You can email a link to family and friends via email or through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you run a blog for your family, you can also share the birthday wish list there. Online sharing is ideal since people are often on-the-go and rely on their mobile devices. They're also especially useful for friends and family who live out-of-town. They often cannot travel for birthday parties, but almost always want to send a gift to the birthday boy or girl.

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