happy birthday brother wishes


happy birthday brother wishes For example, many of us make a resolution to lose weight. But very few of us make a resolution to bring out the thin and

healthy person on the inside. All we do is try and attack our exterior. We want to drop some pounds and watch our outside

shrink. The problem is we try fad diet after fad diet and realize that the pain of those diets isn't working fast enough so

we see that the person in the mirror is not changing and so we give up.

However, if we first saw how we are and want to be on the inside, then we would not fall for fad diets and we would not give

up so easily when progress seems too slow to notice progress is happening. We know that we are moving forward because we feel

it from within. When you feel the change from within you, nothing from the outside can affect it. You will not give in or

give up too easily. You will succeed far more than you fail.

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