Happy 80th Birthday Wishes


Happy 80th Birthday Wishes, The entire process of creating a postcard is based upon a postcard template. With this template you are going to be laying layer upon layer until the desired effects are arrived at. For instance, Christmas postcards have a favorite template that can be modified to any situation once the basics are laid out. Simply choose the size you would like, paying attention to the mailing restrictions. Saving pennies can ad up if your list is long.

Take an oval and lay it over the black background and highlight both black and oval. Make sure your boards have about an 1/8 inch buffer to the edge of the paper so nothing gets cut off.Happy 80th Birthday Wishes With the text option, lay out your message and click go or publish or whatever button shows you what you have. The fun part comes now. Fiddle here and there with images of holly or snowmen to get just the right look. But first, do a "save as" so that you have an original to go back to if you goof. There fun, there easy to do and you did it yourself.

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