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happy birthday sister quote In a word, yes. My partner and i started to say "Yes, in case you sell real estate, " however I thought about it and noticed that it doesn't matter what business you're within. If you have, or can create, some sort of database of past clients, you need to be sending them a new newsletter each month - at least every other month.

The most important functionality of the newsletter is to sustain a positive "top of brain awareness"happy birthday sister quote with people who have been happy with your service. It provides them back to you, and it makes these individuals remember you when somebody asks where to get your particular service or product. You Realtors may believe that once someone purchases a house they won't need you once again. Wrong. Depending upon what you go through, the average person moves every five to 7 years. Since many people remain in their first house their entire lives, which means that some people are relocating much sooner than 5 yrs. If you sold them the home, be there when they may ready to sell it and find home.

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