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happy birthday picture comments Jenna is 13 and is accepting a altogether party. She invites one actually acceptable acquaintance called Manny that lives next door. She aswell invites a agglomeration of the accepted kids from school. If the accepted kids appearance up to the party, they accomplish fun of Manny. Wanting to fit in, Jenna does the same. Afterwards Manny leaves the affair ashamed at the betrayal and he decides to go get a guitar from his house.

The accepted kids afresh adjudge to play a game. They acquire Jenna delay in the closet blindfolded while a boy will appear in a kiss her. It turns out to be a trick. The accepted kids yield some aliment and leave, abrogation Jenna in the closet waiting. happy birthday picture comments Manny eventually comes aback with his guitar and his present, which is a babyish abode that he fabricated for her. He tells her blessed altogether and brindled some beam on it. She afresh notices that all of her accepted accompany are gone and gets mad at Manny for alarming them off. She goes aback in the closet.

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