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happy birthday music pictures Two princess party designs for my twin kids. It wasn't an easy task, however I managed to pull it off without having any major hitches. The almost three year old double daughter's birthday date seemed to be approaching quickly. They each know who their extremely favorite Disney Princess will be and that is who they wished to be their birthday party design. Unfortunately for me, they the two had a different Disney Little princess in mind. One loves White and the other loves Superbe from Beauty and The Animal. What's a mother to perform? Host a party around both equally princesses, of course!

There are lots of White birthday party supplies and not a lot of from Belle or Elegance and the Beast, so we selected the easy choice on the items. I went with the Disney Princesses party supplies bundle. It has lots of Princesses on each of your plate, cup and paper napkin.happy birthday music pictures I bought some Snow White napkins and dessert plates to get some just Snow White resources there. I did, however , purchase each girl a Princess or queen costume... one of Belle and another of Snow White. So that substantiate which princess wanted which usually theme for everyone at the gathering.

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