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happy birthday images free, Every year in April, 21, Rome is definitely celebrating its birthday. With this day the doors of numerous museums and archeological sights are usually open to public, and the roads, richly decorated with blossoms, are flooded by appealing processions of gladiators, senators, and other heroes of the Aventure many-century history.

The mythic called "Rome" began inside 753 BC. Everyone noticed a legend about the 2 brothers, Romulus and Remus, who miraculously escaped demise in their infancy, and had been nursed by the she-wolf. However the evidence of the story was identified only some time ago. During the excavations in the Forum area, that have been held for 20 years, have been found the remnants with the ancient palace, which is regarded as founded some 750 BC. happy birthday images free, On the place, where was the Temple of Romulus (which is now the part of the particular Santi Cosmo e Damiano), was found the framework of the historical building, that was unsuccessfully searched by numerous generations of scientists. Therefore, Rome has proved once more that it is the "Eternal City".

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