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happy birthday to a friend quotes My favorite example of excellent customer support is Amazon. com. Should you ever watch an interview with Amazon . com CEO Jeff Bezos, you will notice something: he usually talks about customers. And often he or she talks about customers and customer care for the whole interview. He is "obsessed" with customers.

We've almost all had our customer service activities - good and bad. Here's among mine: several years ago I bought a large order of publications and DVDs on Amazon online marketplace. com for a friend's special birthday. He was in the military, positioned in Saudi Arabia throughout the gulf war. After I chosen a bunch of great books and films for him, I very carefully entered the address involving his military base as well as completed the order. thirty days later, he still had not received it. I thought I had formed lost $100! I approached Amazon customer service and informed them about my issue. They got back to me inside 2 hours, and stated -

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