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happy birthday dear friend quotes Grief is an ongoing portion of our life memories, encounters, and our past, existing and future. Even when do not remember with our minds, your body has a memory of it can own.

I woke up today feeling an internal guidance to become gentle with myself. Prior to I opened my eye I could feel that something had been happening and I needed to shift slowly and be gentle along with my emotions. As I anxiously waited for the coffee to make, I turned on the computer along with connected with Facebook. I linked to my sister's page in addition to sent a Happy Birthday information and picture of the lemon poppy seed muffin I would consume in her honor which day.happy birthday dear friend quotes With us both residing in different states, the digital world has opened innovative ways of celebrating birthdays. Choice to post a few gentle communications on my Facebook Fan Page. We searched for a video about Self-Love by Mary Manin Morrissey, re-discovered a video of Steve Astin singing Love, Provide and Remember and posted any quote by Julia Cam:

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