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happy birthday animated pictures If you're a parent, even of the newborn, you know how quickly youngsters get big. One minute most likely bonding with them in the medical center after birth, the next you aren't watching them graduate from senior high school. It's one of those happy/sad occasions when you see your child head off by themselves. It's what you've worked well for all these years, yet it's also something that can make you feeling like... well, a great "empty nester. "

One method to make sure you send your kids away with a big smile on the face is to make sure you have got a photo record of all the satisfied memories. Using photos for capturing the important moments in a infant's life is a big deal. Photos will help you as you transition as they leave the house. Photos will also provide a tip to your child that no matter what lengths they roam, you're nevertheless their parent, and you will often love them. Here are three simple ways to make sure you capture the particular special moments of living, so you both have something to talk about and look back on for many years to come:

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