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happy belated birthday images, In my opinion in having fun, I just are not able to believe in Birthday celebrations, I simply do not get why you have to wait around a whole year to celebrate living, Just waking up in the morning each day is a great reason for celebration, After which the things we do to apparently celebrate birthday, all of them the contrary of a celebration, as if we have been so hung up on remembering birthdays, we should be celebrating getting into thinks to extend our lives, and never going on a self destructive overindulge that steals away several days of your life every time we continue one of those "celebrations'.

Just think about this for a moment. happy belated birthday images, We require a00 drinking rampage, causing permanent damage to our brain, our own stomach, our liver, the blood vessels, we act like fools and get stinking breath, stinking clothes, stinking attitude, and then day, we usually feel as if we would rather be lifeless.

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