funny happy birthday quotes for men


funny happy birthday quotes for men Our own train finally pulled in to the station in the middle of the night. We were really nervous as we disembarked because there was not a soul about and some movement in the typically the shadows. I don't keep in mind how we hailed a taxi cab, it was by some wonder, and we felt somewhat secure now in the hands of the service provider.

He took all of us to the town of Nazare, Portugal. My girl friend Judith and I were 18 along with travelling across Europe as well as the British Isles after completing senior high school in 11 1/2 many years. Only that night we did not think we would live to find out our 19th birthday. funny happy birthday quotes for men Suddenly he started to drive crazy, more than steering and screeching in addition to into the ditch and back again onto the road. He could not speak English and we didn't want to speak Portuguese. We were afraid, in the middle of no where having a total stranger, half way all over the world where we do not know a new soul, and our households had no clue wherever we were. We would send these postcards occasionally, but they would certainly receive them long after there were moved on. Finally we did find a little bunny in the car headlights, and realized he was attempting to kill his supper.

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