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the best happy birthday pictures She afresh wakes up in a new world. She is now a thirty year old in an accommodation in New York. She notices herself in the mirror and freaks out a little. Afresh she gets dressed and takes a cab to her job. She finds out that she works for a ceremony company. There, she finds out that one of the accepted kids from her affair is a coworker. She aswell finds out that she hasn't been that nice to anyone aback her thirteenth altogether party. She even absent acquaintance with her parents, and her best acquaintance Manny. She decides to attending him up and allocution for a while.

She can acquaint that he is absolute aching by some things that she did in the past. She finds out that she chucked the babyish abode he fabricated for her at him and bankrupt it in abounding pieces. She never talked to him afresh until now.the best happy birthday pictures He tells her that he is affianced which agency that it is too backward for Jenna to get aback calm with him. She afresh decides to appoint Manny to be a columnist for her in hopes to absorb added time with him. He helps her save her dying company. The accepted babe does not like accepting outdone and finds some belletrist in Jenna's lath adage that she works for a antagonism ceremony also. She feels betrayed and convinces Manny to assurance the photos over to her. She afresh goes to the added Magazine's abode and is assassin for the pictures.

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