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printable happy birthday card If you treat your online relationships as if they are offline, you will stand out from the crowd which will cause others to

flock to you.Kids not only say the darndest things, they write them, too. Whether this poetry springs out of creative writing

exercises in the schools, or in HEARTSONGS, HOPE THROUGH HEARTSONGS and JOURNEY THROUGH HEARTSONGS 13-year-old now-deceased-

but-never-forgotten writer Mattie J.T. Stepanek's case, out of special circumstances, degenerative muscular dystrophy, that

bring forth a remarkable gift, the rhymes can easily be lost through time, moving, throwing away of school papers, or just

simply forgotten.

While our children's poetry may not become best-selling books and CDs (Stepanek teamed up with young country star Billy

Gilman to produce a CD), those sweet or questioning verses of childhood and angry, angsty teenage songs bring pleasure, joy

and comfort. They are as much a part of history as official family records. How many of us wish we had saved our poems form

clutter, neglect, forgetfulness, or the (we hope) well-intentioned suggestions of parents that "You just aren't a poet"---or

even a parent throwing away our written longings? You can bet Mattie Stepanek's mom would never throw away his first poems!

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