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print happy birthday card To make your free birthday e-cards more appealing, you can add the favorite music of the celebrator and add a personal

message to the e-card. That way, your birthday greeting through free birthday e-cards will be surely cheer the

celebrator.Free birthday e-cards can be your saving grace when you need an instant present for your loved ones. You need not

worry of taking extra effort or spending a dime. Free birthday e-cards are absolutely for free.

Happy 75th to your Dad! How about having some "oldies" going in the background and have tables arranged so there can be

dancing going on after dinner? Or sending guests a form (well before the party, with instructions to get that form back to

you), and have each person write down a good memory involving your Dad. He will cherish these. You can put the filled out

forms into book form (or put nicely into a scrapbook) and he can look back on this and enjoy it for many years.

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