personalized happy birthday cards


personalized happy birthday cards Many of these cards allow you to change not only the names on the front of the card, but also the age too! No more scrabbling

frantically through the card racks looking for a less-popular age - you can put literally any age on a card. This is

particularly fun if you want to embarrass a sibling with a children's card - there is nothing more eye-catching than a bright

kids card with a big "33 Today!" on the front! In addition, there are loads of beautiful photographic cards that with wow

absolutely anyone - but with a twist.

Advances in digital imagining technology has meant that cards can be created with the photographs edited in different and fun

ways, quickly and easily without costing the earth. This means that many personalised birthday cards can incorporate the

birthday girl or boys name in exciting and fun ways. This makes for really eye-catching (and quite mind-boggling) cards

featuring names and messages in such a way that the birthday boy or girl will think that the photograph was taken just for

them on their special day. For example, the 'Happy Birthday Cake' card features a stunning photograph of a tasty birthday

cake, complete with candles.

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