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magic mike happy birthday card Birthdays are really something. Its like a day when everything is on you. You got special treatments from the people they

love and let's not forget that gifts that's coming your way.A simple "happy birthday" would surely bring huge smile on the

celebrant. But what if you send a Birthday Ecard with bells and whistle and eye grabbing animation. Think how would it make

the celebrant feel? Ecstatic I bet.

Nowadays, it is common in many cultures to celebrate birthdays. Celebration may come in giving parties, showering gifts or

acceding to the celebrator's wishes.How do people celebrate birthdays? English-speaking countries celebrate birthdays by

preparing foods especially cakes. Together they will sing Happy Birthday to You. Said song is so famed that it has gained

several translations. In Poland, people sing 'Sto lat'. In Netherlands, they have their version called 'Lang zal hij/zij

leven'. In Germany, they also have 'Zum Geburstag Viel Gl├╝ck'. These are not the only translations we have these days. In

fact, there are so many that one can lose his count.

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