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happy birthday wife cards Help from your computer. If you have any greeting card software such as Print Shop Deluxe or Greeting Card Factory, you may

not be aware there's a hidden treasure of special occasion wording ideas built right into all these programs. You can usually

find it on the menu under "add". Then choose "sentiment" and it will open up a large list of suggestions to use in the card

you're making. Well, you don't have to make a card or even know how to create one to take advantage of this feature. Just

find the birthday category and scroll down the list until you find a quote or words you like. Then jot them down.

Help from your local card store. If you want a rich source of material for the speech you plan to give at the party, go to

the professionals. Browse through birthday cards and take notes of phrases, jokes and plays on words. Keep them all in a

little notebook. For example, you might find a card that says something like, "on your birthday, I'm wishing you something

you've always given me: happiness, laughter and lots of love". That would make a touching toast or inscription to write in a

greeting card. Of course, you can't use their wording for any commercial purposes. But you can borrow a line or two for

personal use to help you express yourself to the celebrant.

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