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happy birthday pictures funny I have come to be aware of saying that a good examination of a person's character will be his behaviour when he is usually wrong. Nigeria is among the countries that breathed the air regarding freedom in October first 1960 from the colonial experts. Nigeria's independence was welcomed with mixed feelings through the stakeholders themselves. Some parts of the country were so scared of being marginalized by other people in the sharing of the nationwide cake. In order to make everybody really feel belonged, the Federal Government then presumed the role of a Father-Christmas, distributing its resources between the various States, many of who contribute little or not the baking of the dessert.

Nigeria, for so many many years has been embroiled in an identification crisis, with politicians looking for a national programme. The origin of the problem is rooted within our fear of unity and insufficient will to transform our d├ęterminant instincts and create a modern polity.happy birthday pictures funny Since Nigeria's accession in order to independence in 1960, the nation has suffered greatly due to disunity which has distorted, complex and to a large extent, stultified every developmental effort carried out by government.

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