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happy birthday mother card Though greeting cards have been around for something like six centuries, the custom of giving birthday cards is probably more

recent. The concept of adhering to a calendar birthday developed alongside the finalization of the western calendar itself

and while gifts were given on birthdays, the concept of a birthday card came about only in the last century. With the advent

of printing, in the USA, a poor German migrant started a printing-business in Boston and he began to turn out Christmas

cards. Later, the card giving custom began to include special events in the lives of people, including birthdays.

Today the birthday card concept has entered every small town and village in most countries across the world. From small one-

fold cards printed with simple designs and words, birthday cards have entered cyber-space and e-greetings rule the current

trends. Electronic and musical cards that play the Happy Birthday tune are great fun to give and receive. The birthday

invitation card industry has also expanded into big business and large corporations specializing in different types of cards,

ranging from luxury to budget account for millions of dollars of spend in the USA.

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