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happy birthday fb cards 'Birthdays' are an important day for the birthday person. Sometimes it is more than just a birthday because it turns into a

huge family gathering and everyone is having a great time.How and why we choose a particular birthday card depends on a large

number of different variables and it is mostly for this reason that greetings card suppliers have to offer the level of

choice that we as consumers are familiar with encountering when we visit a card retailer / supplier. Taking the simple

birthday card as an example it's possible to see the types of buying decisions and the degree and level of choice and variety

that modern card buying consumers encounter.

Cards for birthdays can be gender specific e.g. from a male or female to a male or female friend or relation. This has a

strong effect on the appearance, message, theme and tone of the card, and greetings card customers have to therefore make the

choice if this is the appropriate route to go down, or whether to choose something more open, or based on humour or theme

rather than gender.

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