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happy birthday some e card Giving someone a birthday card is one thing, but giving someone a personalized birthday card is an entirely different story.

There is a difference between doing something and doing something with heart. You can try creating your own card or simply

buy a blank birthday card and write your own personal message to give it that personal touch. Simple things like that can

have a great impact on the person who will be receiving the cards.

There are a lot of benefits from giving personalized cards. For one, you'll be able to strengthen the relationship you have

with your friend. It's always heart warming to know that someone close to you took the time to create something and gave an

effort to do so. It also shows how much you care about them and it makes you stand out among all the other people who

probably sent out a generic birthday card with a generic message. And trust me; most of the time people just buy the cards to

get it over with. In addition, it shows how committed you are to your relationship with the other person, be it a friend,

sister, brother, relative, parents, or even your other half. Personalized birthday cards in the long run make for a good

relationship glue.

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