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happy birthday cards tumblr Another tip is to try talking cards. The moment you open it, it would say 'Happy Birthday' or some sweet little words. Some

times you would come across interesting things like a cat meowing or a dog barking. They are also real fun. These players are

battery operated so it is another item to keep in the list. Likewise other interesting idea is to take a musical card. You

can choose among the birthday tune and some happy kids' songs. At times, you may also gift a card that plays classic songs.

Then you can look for cards where the characters dance constantly. It is simply done by placing a light weight spring behind

the neck, hands, and feet of the character made on the front. This technique is interestingly used to show interaction among

two to three characters. They can be shown dancing or fighting with each other. If you plan to make your own card, try

something simple for the initials. The cut works and intricate shapes are not easy to handle if your craft hand is not very

strong. So, simple shapes are always a safe choice. Then you must always pick a thick sheet to make the card. That forms

better shapes and durability. Next, if you are not good at painting, try a collage style. That makes it very interesting and


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