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happy birthday cards printable free It might be fun to dig up some info from the year he was born and stand up, maybe in between courses and announce what the

price of milk was in the year Dad was born, who was president, the most popular music, dance, etc.Some trivia games (with

small prizes awarded to winners, perhaps), perhaps historical questions (again, around your dad's year of birth) or seeing

who can answer the most questions about your Dad (questions can be as simple as his favorite food, color, favorite vacation,

that type of thing).

Celebrating such a milestone is always a lot of fun. It's a time to reflect on the years past and share all the memories the

family and friends have of the guest of honor.Family trivia questions with dividing up the guests into teams can be lots of

fun, and if you are someone you know are technically savvy you can put together slide show/video of his life from the begging

until now...choose songs that fit the era the photos are from.

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