happy birthday cards for a friend


happy birthday cards for a friend Whether we have the gift to become a poet or not, whether or not our children are Emily Dickinsons, those scribblings and

typings are part of our life, our thoughts, our feelings. They are gifts in themselves, and loving children everywhere have

the creativity to give them as presents. Mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, are moved beyond words when they

receive a card on construction paper, or even computer-created by a junior Bill Gates or Charles Schulz. That card may

contain a poem about "The Greatest Dad in the World." Do you want to throw it away and keep all the store-bought greetings

you take for granted? It may even move your spouse to wrestle with love poems, and you want to save those too.

The answer is scrapbooking. Poetry on paper is perfect for preserving in the pages of scrapbooks. You may want to create a

scrapbook for family poems and created cards, or several scrapbooks if you have more than one poet in the family. You can

organize the family scrapbooks by writer, poem subject (Dad, mom, the family dog or cat) or by occasions: birthdays,

Christmas, anniversaries, graduations, new homes, weddings, births, and so forth. Or you can include poems in scrapbooks

you've created to record these occasions, scrapbooks that contain decorations, invitations, announcements, pressed flowers,

and so forth.

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