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happy birthday cards facebook Of all of the advances in modern mobile phones that have occurred, it is still surprising to see that one thing has changed

very little since its inception, and that is the common SMS or text message. The latest phones and mobile devices can project

an entire feature film on the wall and give pinpoint GPS coordinates, but outside the keyboard upgrades and character limits,

little else has changed with text messaging.

One of the main reasons nothing has changed for the SMS platform is that it does not need to change, the system is already

convenient, cost effective, and wildly popular. A very new pseudo-language has emerged around the text messaging system, and

it is often just as entertaining to decipher the acronyms and abbreviations, as it is to read the message. From a Hindi funny

SMS message to funny life quotes to live by, the versatility of the text message, along with its simplicity, will ensure it

continues to be one of the most desired features of any mobile communications device.

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