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happy birthday card images free When you are sending a bouquet of flowers to someone special, you can also send a happy birthday wishes card along with it.

These cards allow space for a personal message to be written in them. You can send the card with a message expressing your

love and concern for the person. You can certainly make it a memorable gift.

There are some funny cards also available. It is just a way of adding humor along with the wish. These kind of cards help in

conveying the happy birthday wishes with some additional jokes to make the atmosphere light. These are cards, which will have

cartoon pictures on them. You can select a cartoon picture, which suits the birthday person the best. This is a way to

express how you look at the person and how you feel about him or her. Thus, one can greet a person on his /her birthday in

many ways. All you have to do is know what the birthday person likes or is fond of.

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