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happy birthday card free Presently sold in the market today is a wide array of birthday greeting cards. When choosing one, consider the personality

and interests of the individual you will be gifting. For a child, ask for the kid's favorite cartoon characters and

incorporate it in the card.

If you are planning to give it to your sibling or a friend, you can choose a comical card with hilarious excerpts and amusing

pictures. Also, gifting with a bit of healthy sarcasm is not too bad about your close friend or relative. Your very own

composition, it could be a funny poem or a short article, can also be displayed in the birthday card.If the card is for your

parents or spouse, you can inscribe a romantic poem or heartfelt article for them, describing an important and memorable

event for the two. You can also look for a card with lovable quotes or phrases written on it, affixing a gift certificate

from their favorite shop, a concert ticket or even a holiday trip to their dream destination. They will not only be pleased

with your gift but would really be delighted with extra effort you have put forth.

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