happy birthday card for a best friend


happy birthday card for a best friend Creating personalized cards is not that hard to do. All you need is high quality paper, some coloring materials, and some

good old imagination. The first thing you need to do would be to think of a design for your birthday card. Once you've

thought of one you can then proceed to cut the shape of your card. It would be preferable to avoid the normal rectangular

shaped cards. Be unique.

Try to cut out a shape that would go well with the design you thought of. For example, if you thought of drawing a cup cake

on the card then why not cut the card into the shape of a cupcake. Then you can proceed to the fun part; coloring! It's

always a good idea to make the design simple. For the cupcake design you can try to put a border on the sides and keep it

blank. That way the design on the center is emphasized. Also, try not to put too much color on the card. It's always a good

idea to keep things simple unless you're an artist. And once that's done you can now write a personal deep message to the

recipient. Keep things simple, concise and funny. Humorous messages are always the ones that get to be remembered in the long


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