happy 50th birthday card


happy 50th birthday card So instead of going from one end of the shop to the other trying to find a design that brings the best of both worlds

together, as it were, why not make your own design? Combine familiar motifs and color combos in order to come up with witty,

eye-catching invitation covers. An old-fashioned Dracula-type vampire wearing a party cap, for example, is sure to be a

scream. You can also have a smiling witch riding on a broomstick, ready to deliver a birthday cake! Or a few lines of cartoon

bats with their wings spread out, spelling out "You're Invited!" on their bellies. A cutaway orange pumpkin lit up by

birthday candles would be another good design idea.

Birthday invitations sent out on or near Halloween need not be drab. Some people choose to make out their Halloween party

invitations in black or red paper, and this may work for a birthday party invitation as well. If the person you're going to

throw the party for is inclined toward gothic themes, you should have no problem with sticking with dark or scary colors -

but if the birthday celebrant happens to be the cheerful sort, your Halloween birthday invitations could have some glitter on

them, or colorful paper, even if you're using dark-colored cards.

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