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free happy birthday cards online each craft stick should be painted using the different acrylic paints you have prepared. Each should be painted with a

different color to form some kind of a rainbow sort of invitation. You can also paint other things like footballs, planets,

galactic rocks, gummy bears or just anything that would match your desired party theme. Be creative and use your wildest

imagination in making kids birthday invitation.

Let the painted side of the craft stick dry before painting the other side. After it had dried out, you would want to add a

few glitters here and there, mini stickers, or paint some more stuff and shapes. To inscribe the party details and

information, use a fine-tip black pen or any marker that you would prefer on the stack of sticks that is tied jointly using a

thin ribbon. It is optional to tie small shells or beads to its end. This very unique and artistic birthday party invitation

will surely excite the kids. Joining the puzzles altogether is a fun way to read out the party information regarding the

upcoming children's birthday party.

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