free happy birthday cards for him


free happy birthday cards for him Sentimental cards would seem better suited for family or close friends, however, many people feel strange about using a

generic card to express sentiment and thus turn to humor to diffuse any awkwardness. This can often be the case for those in

newer romantic relationships where sending an overly heartfelt card may complicate the budding romance. On the opposite side

of the coin, sending a new partner a funny card may in turn prompt them to feel a sense of unrequited love, thus hurting the

relationship. With both options presenting perilous results, the card giver once again is left to walk this fine line,

wondering on which side to tempt fate.

In general, relying on a mass-produced paper card to express a specific sentiment or feeling can be a risky proposition. Even

the most sentimental cards may not provide the right verbiage to express the desired type of birthday wish. Using a blank

card with an image that would speak to the recipient presents a good third option as it allows the giver to write their own,

more personalize message, tailored specifically to the recipient.

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