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electronic happy birthday card There are a lot of designs you can choose from when it comes to employee birthday cards. If you want a more casual approach

then you can always go for the more personal designs like candles, cupcakes, cakes, balloons, and etc. However, if you want

the more formal business-like approach then you can always go for sophisticated designs like gold borders, silver letters, or

even a logo of your company on the card. It doesn't really matter what type of card you give an employee since your message

will be the same. And the message is that you want them to know the company cares about them. You can also have a

personalized birthday card by having a photo printed on the card depicting all the managers and boss. Not only does this save

you the trouble of having to let every single manager give employee birthday cards, but it also saves you some money by

lessening the amount of cards given.

It would be best if you give the employees free greeting cards to give to their co-workers. This would be a good investment

for the relationship between employees, which would improve company performance in the long run. Now if you own a small

business, this would be a good option, but if you have a hundred employees or more then it would be best to stick to teams.

Giving employee birthday cards to team mates can be part of the team building process. This allows them to work better in the

future. Remember if you have happy employees, you'll also have a higher performance.

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