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disney happy birthday cards The tradition of begging forgiveness on birthdays still carries on today - often we do find ourselves apologising while we

hand over a store-bought card, worried that we think they won't like it, it won't be suitable, or (heaven forbid) they

already have the exact same card from another well-wisher. This has become increasingly common, as chains of card shops and

supermarkets offer a limited range of often identical cards - meaning that it is very likely the card you find that is

'perfect' has often already caught the eye of another friend, who thinks it's perfect, too!

Of course there is never any need to apologise if you get them personalised birthday cards - a revolutionary way of creating

special and unique cards, designed to make the lucky recipient know you really do care. Personalised birthday cards are

created to be unique and personal - and you decide exactly what will be written not only inside the card (no more cringe-

worthy poems or twee notes), but also the name and message on the front, all part of the card design!

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