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create happy birthday card What happens though if they do not want to meet up for an activity night? Well, you cannot really go against their wishes,

because it is their birthday. Instead, try giving them a call to chat about something fun and bright. Is there a movie coming

up that you both enjoy? Is there a dish you've cooked that you want to offer them a plate of? Then call them on their

birthday and tell them. Discuss whatever you'd like and at the end of the conversation tell them "Goodbye and happy

birthday". This, again, keeps the focus off of the special day as they requested, while recognizing it.

This method is going to be the most bothersome to many people. Because someone's birthday does come only once a year so why

would you want to ignore it? The answer to that question is very simple. Why should you celebrate your friendships more so on

one day as opposed to others? If you are someone's friend then you have many memories and good times that have come in the

past and will come up in the future. So, if you know that they do not want to celebrate their birthday just let it go. The

fun things you do will likely matter more than whether or not you sing happy birthday.

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