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best happy birthday card And they are easy to send to others too. Virtually everyone nowadays has an email address. And most ecards are free or cost

less than convention paper cards. Sending ecards is simple, and can arrive at their destination in a matter of seconds. And

you can schedule ecards to arrive at any day you wish, even weeks from now.E-cards also allow you to add your own personal

message, and select the color background and foreground you wish. You can even change the frames on many of them, or include

a photo in them. Plus there are zillions of ecards to choose from.

At Hallmark for example, they have all kinds of cards for any occasion besides birthdays. You can send someone a card because

it's Monday, or because someone likes chocolate, or for no reason at all. You can even send someone a belated happy birthday

ecard, in case you do forget.You can send ecards to anyone from your spouse to your grandparents. The only requirement is

that the other person has an email address. Also, many of the ecards are animated. Some are interactive and are like little

games you can play. Kids love ecards, so sending them Happy Birthday ecards will delight them for sure.

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